Thursday, September 5, 2013

Stampin Up Cards

I mentioned yesterday that I made some cards at a workshop hosted by my friend Carrie. Carrie is just one of those crafty people who can crochet a baby blanket, refinish her own floors, make a few cards, and take care of her 1 year old son all at the same time. (Ok, maybe not the exact same time, but it sure seems like it!) 

Anyway, Carrie is such a great teacher with inventive ideas that even someone paper crafting challenged, like myself, can make pretty cool cards. I'm one of those people that some things come naturally to, and I always do those things. Like knitting, or reading, or playing tennis. Anything I'm not good at right away I usually give up on because who wants to work hard at something you aren't good at? However, I just love the idea of making my own cards so much that I have tried to stick with this card making thing, and Carrie is patient and puts up with my always-crooked stamps and million questions :)

Here are the cards I made at Saturday's workshop:

This one is a bit hard to read, but it is a birthday card. Fun splatters!

This one I can see being perfect for my mom, aunt, or grandmother. So feminine!

I think this is a great "anyone" card. Maybe I will give it to my dad for his birthday next week :)

Again, another cool feminine card. I love the layering of the different colored flowers!

This one was probably the coolest one we made. The hubs likes maps, so I think he will get one of them! Perfect manly card.

While I don't think stamping or other paper crafts will become my hobby of choice, I really enjoy sitting down for an hour or two and coming away with something I can give to others easily. Who doesn't love a handmade card?

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