Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Massive Catch-up Post

Between the super busy holiday weekend and having problems uploading photos again, I haven't had a chance to share the weekend, our menu, or my WIPs thus far. I'm going to do a big post here in effort to catch it all up, so hang on!

Saturday I worked and then went to a Stampin Up workshop run by my friend Carrie. She does a great job of designing the cards and showing us how to make our own. I plan to do a separate post showing the cards I made because they are that cool! That night we had a birthday party for our friend's son, and gave him a camo fleece blanket that we tied the fringe of. He loved it!

Sunday was a really fun day. A group of 10 of us was looking for something fun to do, and when a few of the ideas fell flat we settled on a sailboat ride and dinner at Pearl Street Grill. Then one of our friends called in a favor and got us a limo to ride in for the day! How fun is that? Since we had the car for most of the day, we left early and stopped and got coffee and walked around Delaware Park before our boat left. Here are some of the guys hanging out, waiting for the boat.

The boat we rode on was the Spirit of Buffalo. It was very relaxing to sail around Lake Erie, though it did start to rain for a bit. Here is the boat:

We were more than ready for dinner when the sailing tour was done, so we walked the few blocks to Pearl Street Grill. I had never eaten here before, and got the portobello mushroom  tortellini. YUM!

Monday started with me being delivered breakfast in bed. Awesome! Cheese omelette and yogurt with coffee. I have the best husband :)

When the group of us were hanging out on Sunday, we realized that none of us had Labor Day plans, so we invited everyone over for an impromptu hot dog and burger get together. People brought food and we all just hung out. Since the weather ended up not being so great, we mostly hung out inside, which was fine.

Whew! Lots to report, even if I didn't take that many photos. I will keep the knitting part brief, but I wanted to include it since this is a Wednesday WIPs post after all!

I finished my barndom shawl!

I really enjoyed this project, and I think this will be very wearable in a few more weeks when it cools down! I knit this in Malabrigo Sock in the Ivy, Chocolate Amargo, and Boticelli Red colorways. I highly recommend it!

I started a new project this week, but haven;t had a chance to take photos of it yet, so that will have to wait until next Wednesday!

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Leslie said...

Great colors for your Barndom! I'm a shawl-a-holic so had to add it to my library.