Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend and Weekly Menu

I hope you all had a lovely Easter! Ours was really nice despite the snow (yes, snow!) that we had all weekend. I feel bad for everyone who was doing egg hunts!

I had Friday off, and spent the day running errands and snuggling the wee beast (Carter). We had dinner with my parents for Zach's birthday which consisted of pizza and wings and leftover desserts. It was nice not to have to cook!

Saturday we hung out around the house, did some chores, and rearranged our living room. We have a fairly large living room with three ways to enter/exit, so it can be kind of challenging to get all the furniture in there so that it's functional and looks ok. I'm not sure if we will keep it the way it is now or not- we need to bring the elliptical back up from the basement and go from there. We played a lot with Carter, who seemed to love having both of us home!

We also babysat for our friends Saturday night! Their daughter is a few months older than Carter, and they always have a good time playing. She has started cruising so she was tons of fun!

Normally we go to the Sunrise Easter service which is held outdoors, but due to the time (6:30am) and the weather (30 degrees) we decided that with Carter that wasn't the best option. We ended up going to our usual service and man, it was packed! They had to keep pulling out folding chairs to accommodate everyone, which I guess is a good problem to have.

Easter dinner was at my in-laws, and my parents were invited too so it was a one-stop day for us. Can I tell you how nice it is that my in-laws and parents are friends? My parents stayed later than we did! Dinner was yummy and everyone was happy to let Carter entertain them. My mom set up a mini photo shoot and Carter lasted about 2 minutes before she was over it ;) We did get a few cute photos though!

Our eats this week will look like this:
Monday: Leftover pizza and tater tots
Tuesday: Leftover Easter dinner
Wednesday: Salmon and broccoli
Thursday: the hubs requested deviled eggs and we will probably have something else too
Friday: Hot dogs and a side

Jury's still out on whether or not I will bake this week. We've had a lot of desserts in the house, and I think a few days without would be a good thing!

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