Thursday, June 25, 2015

Carter is 10 Months!

Even though I don't usually dedicate a post to every monthly birthday Carter has, I thought a survey would be a fun way to catch up on the last month or so. She's getting so big and learning new things every day, sometimes its hard to keep up!

Height: 27.5in (26th percentile)

Weight: 17.9lbs (37th percentile)

Clothing size: 6-9 months or 9 months

Milestones: crawling like a speed demon, gives toys when asked, putting blocks in the right shaped holes, jabbering up a strom

Special Outings: 

Her buddy Jackson's first birthday party

Uncle Danny and Aunt Amy's wedding weekend (just noticed she had on the same outfit- hilarious)

Alicia's bridal shower

Her Routine: 
6:30-7am: Wake up, nurse. Play until
8:30am: Breakfast! Usually self fed finger foods. More playing. Some days she goes to daycare at 9am
10-11:30am: nap. this is highly varied though: daycare days she usually naps later because of all the FUN
11:30am: 6oz bottle. followed by more playing
1pm: lunch. If its not a daycare day but I work, she goes to my moms just before lunch. Lunch is sometimes finger foods, sometimes purees, sometimes a mix.
3-4:15pm: nap. Again varied, sometimes a little later on daycare days or longer if she took a shorter nap earlier
4:15pm: 6oz bottle
6pm: dinner. Almost always finger foods, sometimes parts of our dinner sometimes something seperate
7:30: diaper change and pjs, every other night she gets a bath also
8pm: nurse and to bed for the evening

We've gotten more flexible with her schedule the past month or two now that she only naps 2x. The naps vary so we roll with the punches :)

Favorites: Watermelon, plums, dog food (seriously. we're up to 4x now) her mama, rubber bath animals, Aden and Anais muslin blankets, keys, swings.

Carter is a great baby and I love being her mama. On to the next month of fun!

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