Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Positive and Negative Knitting

Between a lot of time in the car and sacrificing some sleep, I had managed to do a good bit of knitting. I really want to make something for Carter for her first birthday, and I already had the yarn for a Bloom top, so I thought it would be perfect. Until mommy brain intervened and I knit the whole ribbed portion on the wrong size needle.

It was a sad moment when I realized all that knitting time was wasted. I feel like its so precious these days- it's hard to allow myself to just relax and knit. It feels indulgent and selfish, even though I know its healthy to have some "me" time. Anyway, all this to say, normally I'm always in favor of ripping something out and reknitting if its not quite right, but it was especially painful Saturday to rip out all that work.

I have started over (on the right size needles. I checked. Twice) and the plus side is, I already know what to do. Other than the occasional check to make sure I'm on the right track it seems to be going quicker. At least that's what I'm telling myself. Here's my progress now:

I'm also still working on the vivid blanket squares, though now it's going to be a Christmas present rather than a wedding gift. But that's ok, that gives me time to make it bigger than I'd originally planned and perfect!

As far as reading, the only things I've been reading lately are books for my library's Battle of the Books competition. As the coach I try to read all the books before, if not along with, the kids, and I'm on the last one. I'm looking forward to some reading material not geared toward middle school aged kids, not that there's anything wrong with that!

I'm linking up with Ginny's Yarn Along today.

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deborah said...

My sincere hugs and virtual chocolate for needing to undo your knitting and start over! Not a fun thing.

The blanket squares are beautiful! And your baby is adorable too!

Happy Wednesday!