Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gearing Up

As I mentioned before, this is an off month for the HPKCHC. This doesn't mean I haven't been knitting though! I finished the wedding gifts I had been working on:

I also started a new project, which I'm not going to blog about just yet because its for a swap. This means I only have 3 WIPs, the project I just mentioned, the Invisibility Scarf (which is my easy knitting) and my brother's vest. The vest will be my detention knitting starting tomorrow. I'm going to try and participate in WIP Wednesdays, which means on Wednesdays I concentrate on my WIPs rather than new projects.

Wanna see what I have planned for next month? (DISCLAIMER: none of these photos are mine as I haven;t made these items yet!)

These are the projects I am hoping to make in September. Pretty ambitious, eh? I know I probably wont even start all these, let alone finish, but it gives me a place to start tomorrow when class prompts are posted. From the top: Flourish bookmark, Sell Your Sole socks, Bunny Blanket Buddy, Shalom Cardigan, and Bakersfield. All but the shawl are free patterns! I have to wait until my paycheck comes in to buy the pattern for the shawl... which actually might be a good thing since I want to see if it fits into a class prompt first!

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