Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Still here

I feel like I don't have much to blog about, even though I'm still here, still knitting, still doing things! Last night hubby and I went Christmas shopping and got a few things, but still have a lot to do. The rest will probably be bought online. You'll notice that there's a new projects over in the progress bars... I caved. I am knitting something for Christmas. You may have noticed that I skated over it in the last post, casually mentioned that I had a few mini sweaters to knit. I've decided that this point I'm knitting at least 7, maybe 9. Not 100% sure yet. I got one about 75% finished tonight, so each sweater shouldn't take more than 3 hours between knitting and double stitching the initial on the front. Not to shabby.

The other project that's been getting a lot of attention is Danny's Teaching sweater. I finished the back and I'm almost finished with the ribbing on the front. On track to finish that by the middle of January when I want to give it to him :) Everything else currently on the needles doesn't have a deadline, so I'll probably start my brother's girlfriend's cowl for her birthday. So I'll be here, knitting along, hopefully finishing up a few things!

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