Monday, December 5, 2011

Whoa, progress!

I feel like I've been knitting a ton the past week or so. I finished two biggish projects last week (post below this one) to finish up the term over at the HPKCHC. Off months are funny for me... usually I take a break the first few days then start working on some WIPs and all of a sudden realize I only have a few more days until the new term begins and Ibetterhurryupandswatchandpickoutnewprojectsrightaway!

This off month is different, and I haven't quite figured out why. I've been working on the bunny snuggly for my cousins baby due in February. I was originally going to finish it to give to her yesterday at her shower, but I ended up going in a large gift with a few other family members, so I decided to hold off and give it to her when the baby is born. I'm almost done with the head, so all that's left are the ears and the finishing. Then I pulled out my brother's vest that I plan to give to him in January before he heads back to school. This has become my main "home" knitting, and I managed to finish the whole back as of this afternoon. And then (yes, there's more!) I pulled the gryffindor scarf out for a few car rides since that's just stockinette in the round, and that's almost half finished. Crazy!

So what's next? Well, I have a few mini sweater ornaments to whip out, which shouldn't take me more than a few hours apiece. I'll be starting a cowl for my brother's girlfriend for her birthday at the beginning of January. Other than that its just swatching for the Christmas stockings I'll be attempting for my OWL next term and working away on the projects mentioned above. I'm liking all this progress! Let's hope it keeps up :)

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