Thursday, March 1, 2012


I have an agenda for March, and its a little crazy, but I think I can do it. First up, I have some sewing I'm finishing. That's right, I said sewing, Did you know I could sew? Well, I can't. Not very well anyway. But a friend needed some simple curtains for his closets, so I obliged. They're all cut out, and one is mostly sewn, so hopefully I'll have them finished in a few days.

Next up I have some projects that need finishing, namely Danny's teaching vest and the Baby Bunny. They NEED to be done in the next two weeks, the sooner the better! I also need to finish the second Christmas stocking and my Lacy Baktus scarf. The scarf is more than half done, the stocking was just started last night :)

Last but not least, I have a few new projects I'm hoping to cast on and finish this month: some baby socks, a hat, a sweatband (requested item!), a shawl, and maybe some earbud covers.

Like I said, a little crazy, but I have some good knitting stretches coming up, and as long as I can balance them with house cleaning we'll be all set!

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