Monday, May 6, 2013

Menu Monday

I skipped posting on Friday because, oddly enough, I had no new pins to share with you! I hope that by skipping a week and sharing this Friday that I will have some interesting things and not just fluff for the sake of posting.

This weekend was beautiful, and it is supposed to carry into the beginning of the week. They are calling for some rain, but I guess that comes with spring weather. The weekend was fun, but nothing to write home about. I did get more frozen yogurt from Cindy Lou's. Seriously, I cannot get enough. So good! I already want to go back.

This week the menu came together much easier than usual thanks to getting my butt in gear and shopping on Saturday. Normally I shop mid week, and on Mondays I am struggling to make a menu with not as much food to work with. 

Monday: Lunch- bean and rice casserole with guacamole
               Dinner- Paninis

Tuesday: Lunch- gift certificate for school cafe!
               Dinner- Applebees to celebrate the end of the semester (aka I found a giftcard in my purse!)

Wednesday: Lunch- maybe more bean and rice casserole?
                    Dinner- Chicken sausages and salad

Thursday: Lunch- not sure yet!
                 Dinner- hot dogs and oven fries

Friday: Lunch- eat out?
            Dinner- Leftovers!

So Sunday I took some time and made both the rice and bean casserole I mention above and some banana oat bars. For the life of my I could not find the recipe I used the first time that turned out so well, so I just used this one and added peanut butter, and it was pretty good. I love making up some foods that pack easily for lunches for the week, but so far I don't have a lot that I make. Sometimes I hard boil some eggs, and casseroles work well for my lunches, but the hubs doesn't have ready access to a microwave so can't take anything that needs to be warmed up. Poor guy has been eating a lot of sandwiches, wraps, and snacky foods. Do you make food ahead for the week? What are your go to items?

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