Friday, May 17, 2013


Posting has been a bit sporadic, and I know I mentioned that it might be, but to be honest I had hoped to stay on my schedule of three times a week. Ha. But I finally turned in my last final yesterday! Graduation rehearsal is today, and tomorrow I will be officially graduated with my Bachelors!

I thought I would make this a bit of a catch up post since I missed both Monday and Wednesday. Surprisingly, I did sort of have a menu plan for the week, it just never made it on the blog :) We tried a new recipe this week- Taco Salad. A relative used to make a similar recipe for every family function when I was younger, and I was really hoping this was it! It didn't taste exactly the same to me, but it was similar and good, so it's a win!

Last night's dinner was pretty good too. Pasta with salmon and garlic white sauce- simple but yummy. 

We also had small salads, but those don't look nearly as good! 

The knitting is coming along slowly. I have a project that is for a friend that I would really like to have done for Saturday, but there's still a lot of knitting to do. However, the exciting fibery thing that happened this week was that I got my wheel!

I have been saving for and researching wheels for about six months now, and decided that it would be a perfect graduation gift to myself. I was careful to order it as close to graduation as I could because I didn't want to procrastinate on my finals by playing with my wheel :)

After researching and going into a LYS to try out a few wheels, I decided on a Sidekick. I ordered my wheel form the Woolery, and not only did they have a good price, their shipping was fast! My wheel came from Kentucky in 2 days. 

By the time the wheel got here I already knew what I wanted to spin on it first. Last year for my birthday I ordered some yarn and fiber, and one of the things I got was some Finn wool from Pacasha in the Rosmerta colorway. I figured the wool would be good to get used to the wheel with because it has a long staple length. I spun up one bobbin between Wednesday and yesterday, and started the second 2oz last night. I love it!

Just a couple of pins to share because I know this post is starting to get long :)

This recipe is one of those things that is super simple, but looks so good! Skillet veggies on cheese toast. We might roast or grill our veggies though!

This Beef and Noodle salad just looks so fresh!

I came across a few picture of bedrooms that I really like the looks of. Maybe if we move (or stay here long enough) I will use one for inspiration to redo ours!

Well that's its for today! Here's hoping things go back to the regular schedule, maybe with a few additions? Who knows :)


Tiffany DeOs said...

The food looks so yummy and I love the spinning! I've got a wheel but still need to learn how to use it. I also love the yellow and gray bedroom. Might need to consider something like that for our room.

vampire_wolf said...

I love the second bedroom, your food looks amazing! and your spinning actually looks like yarm! YAY! :D