Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I made it through yesterday, and half of the big projects that are due this week for school, so yay! I'm taking a quick break to share my knitting progress, my planned knitting, and some reading progress with you. I'm hoping that the first Wednesday I will share what my plans for the month are. I think its a good way to keep myself organized and accountable!

I haven't had a ton of knitting time, so the ruffly scarf looks almost exactly the same, and I didn't take a new photo. I have worked a bit on the stripey socks though, and I hope these will be done soon!

If you look closely you can see the light green stripe in the dark green at the very top of the second sock near my needles. That's my afterthought heel line, so not too much more to go!

I have four projects that I plan to start in May, but only three are patterns I can really share. The fourth is a crazy-requested-by-my-husband-self-designed-monstrosity that will have to wait for another post :)

The first thing I plan to cast on is the Monkey pattern by Cookie A.

I'll be using my Knit Picks Stroll Multi (which is now discontinued) in the Cupcake colorway.

As evidenced by the date on this photo, I've had this yarn for a while! Yay for using old stash.

The next pattern is the Spa Day facecloth.

I've been meaning to make more washcloths, some for me to use on my face and some for the kitchen. For these I plan on using some Lilac Knit Picks CotLin that has been hanging around.

The last pattern is the Chunky Crochet Basket. I think this will be great to carry knitting stuff from the upstairs office downstairs and for storage.

This is the project I am most nervous about because my crochet skills are abysmal. Still, I really want the finished project, so hopefully that motivates me to push through! I'll be using some Knit Picks Wool of the Andes doubled for this.

Wow, all Knit Picks yarns! I promise, I own other brands ;) It just so happens that I have a lot of Knit Picks old stash that I am trying to use.

Lastly, I finished two books this week. One of them I didn't read every single page, since it was a book for school, but I finished the part we were required to read and, to be honest, I don't ever see myself reading it more for fun, so in my book I consider it read!

This book, however, was pretty interesting and I'm debating keeping it. Maybe not. Who knows! If you are interested in the Vietnam War, it is definitely worth checking out. Lots of documents addressing all different sides and parts of the war.

The other one, like I mentioned, was just so so. However, it did have some good info for the paper I just finished, so yay!

My currently-reading book list is still super long, but as my classes finish up it should be a more manageable length and I hope to start sharing what books are in progress as well!

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September Violets said...

Hi, I've just popped over from Yarn Along. Love your striped socks (so neat!), and I admire your ambitions to complete all these projects AND read a long list of books all in the month of May. I'm so slow at knitting I didn't even finish one project in April! Enjoy your day! Wendy :)

Kim Nobles said...

Thank you! I'm finishing my degree in a few weeks so I'm hoping for more knitting time :) Probably I will only finish one or two of those!