Tuesday, December 23, 2014

All About Baby

I wanted to write a post about the baby, since my break encompassed getting pregnant and her birth! It's not going to be detailed though because, lets face it, no one wants to read 9 months worth of story!

We found out we were pregnant January 2nd and were really excited because we had been trying for a few months. I actually didn't wait long enough when I took the test and thought it was negative, and only after checking it later in the day did I realize there were two lines! I had an easy pregnancy- mild amount of morning sickness and no other major complaints. Around 9 weeks I began to feel like we were having a girl. I shared this with the hubs and he agreed, which is funny because before we got pregnant I think we both had hoped for a boy.

We had a lot of fun telling our friends and family that we were pregnant. I think the best reaction was my brother's. We told him via Skype, and he promptly jumped up and disappeared. The hubs and I looked at each other, and squinted at the screen looking for him. His apartment was dark, but we could just make out his outline running around his apartment. He jumped back on the couch and asked if we were serious. When we confirmed we were, he started yelling and running around again. It took a few minutes of this to get him back so we could chat some more!

At 19 weeks an ultrasound confirmed we were having a girl! I was really excited, and promptly told the hubs I didn't like any of our baby names and that we needed to start over. HA.  We eventually settled on a name that we both loved, but we kept it a secret the whole pregnancy. We referred to the baby as Squirt to avoid us accidentally spilling our name choice!

Toward the end of my pregnancy my friends kept telling me we should get our car seat installed and pack our bags for the hospital, but I wasn't in a rush. I came two days late via C section, and I knew most first time moms went overdue. Wouldn't you know it, at 37 weeks and 3 days I woke up at 5am to my water breaking! We hung out at the house for a while, and when my contractions didn't pick up my doctor asked us to come on in to the hospital anyway to get checked out. Since my water had broken we were definitely staying, but I needed pitocin to help speed things along. 12 hours after checking into the hospital, we had our baby girl! She was 19in and 7lbs 15 oz. Hard to believe if she would have been 3 days earlier she would have had to go to the NICU for being a preemie!

I was grateful for the quick labor and delivery (pushed for under an hour!) and of course meeting the baby! We named her Carter Anne, and I have to say that becoming her mom is one of the best things ever. I'm absolutely smitten with her, and its hard to believe that she is 4 months old today! She continues to do everything on her own time (usually early!) and has the best personality.

Like most new parents, I take way too many photos of her, and many of them will probably make their way to the blog. This is your warning :)

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