Monday, December 29, 2014

Carter's First Christmas

This Christmas was a little more special having Carter to celebrate with! I wasn't sure how the day would go with Carter being so little, but she seemed to have fun and only got fussy later in the day. She even helped to open some of her presents! We would start unwrapping, then she would grab the paper and we would pull the gift away from her.

We didn't get Carter many gifts because we always just buy anything she actually needs, but she was pretty impressed with the huge bear we got her :)

After opening gifts at our house we went to my parents. Carter got spoiled :) One of her favorites was a little reindeer lovey. 

We headed home to unload and repack, then headed to the hub's parents. Carter got to hang out with her cousins!

She and her youngest cousin, Becca, had an especially good time.

All in all we had a great day filled with family. I can't wait until next year when Carter can participate more!

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