Saturday, December 27, 2014

Knitting, 2015 Version

Since Carter was born the amount of knitting I have done has plummeted. There just isn't enough free time in the day! She is a good sleeper and takes 3-4 naps a day (and sleeps through the night!) but with working I'm already not home a ton, and I hate spending my time with her while she is awake doing other things. Therefore, while she sleeps I'm usually eating, pumping, showering, or cleaning the house.

However, I am starting to try and make time for knitting, even if its only 15 minutes a day. I thought I would try something new this year and pick 12 project to work on for 2015. I considered any gift knitting I would want to do, and then made up a "schedule" for my knitting. A project a month set up so that any knitting with a deadline should theoretically be done in advance. I don't plan to finish every project within the month that I start (one is a blanket!) The idea is to work mainly on that project for the month, and if I finish early I can either work on a WIP, start next month's project, or cast on something new.

Here's my plan for 2015:

January: a Vivid blanket for my brother and soon to be sister-in-law for their wedding in June
February: Exeter hat for the hubs
March: Spring Garden Tee for Carter
April: Finish mom's sweater
May: Bloom for Carter
June: Socks for Dad
July: Socks for Carter
August: Sheep sweater for Carter
September: Red Riding coat for Carter
October: Wolf Pack hat for my cousin
November: plain socks for me
December: finish Sockhead hat

I know the blanket will take several months so that's why I'm starting that in January. I also know that November and December will be busy, so I thought having easy projects to work on would make it easier to stick to my schedule. We shall see how well it works! I hope to revisit this every so often to give updates :)

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