Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Blanket Changes

I've been knitting away this week, and made a change on the Vivid blanket. After talking it over with my brother, I've decided to make the blanket bigger even though it means it wont be done for the wedding. He was totally fine with this, and I was too because ultimately I want it to be something they get a lot of use out of. If that means it takes a few more months, so be it! That said, here's my progress:

I have 18 squares done, and the ball on top is the next and last color. I laid out the squares over the weekend so I know what colors need more squares, so now to keep knitting! I really do love this pattern, and I can almost knit it entirely from memory. 

I also put a few rows on Carter's bloom. This is a hard color to photograph- it keeps getting washed out. You can also really see the crack on my lens (that I really need to go get fixed!) because I was trying to get it in the sun as much as possible.

No problems with this so far, just ribbing and increases!

This crazy girl is babbling all the time now, and is this close to crawling. I'm not sure I'm ready for that!

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Becki said...

I can almost hear Carter's happy babbling. :^) What an adorable little girl. I look forward to seeing the blanket come together.