Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What Carter Eats 2

It's been a few weeks so I thought I would do another post about what Carter is eating!

We introduced a few new purees, and more recently have been doing a lot more finger foods. Yesterday and today we have been starting with finger/table foods, and then following with purees if she hasn't eaten enough.

This was about a month ago, in the middle of April. She had avocado and sweet potato, and clearly she enjoyed it! She doesn't usually get this messy, but the hubs was letting her feed herself pretty much entirely.

The next day we were at the park, so she had a pouch of baby food. I don't remember what kind though. I love the pouches for travel!

Saturday the 18th was one of the first nice days we had, so we all had breakfast on the porch. Baby had oatmeal and fruit :)

For the next few weeks she ate a lot of the same 10 fruits and veggies, plus oatmeal, puffs, and toast pieces. By the end of April we had her eating 3 meals a day, and starting to vary her foods a bit more. I realized we'd been in a bit of a rut!

We did cottage cheese on April 30th, and she liked it, but didn't love it. I think the texture threw her off a bit. 

I was away the first weekend of May, so we didn't introduce anything new. On May 5th we did yogurt again. We tried yogurt when she was 7.5 months and I think she just wasn't ready for it. It made for an AWFUL diaper. She loves it now though! I feed her plain greek yogurt. Here she's eating it mixed with butternut squash.

And here she is a few mornings later eating it with banana chunks for breakfast (please excuse her goopy eye. Her tear duct still isn't working quite right :/)

This week we are doing a lot more finger foods because Carter seems to be getting bored of the purees. So far she has done carrots (still not a big fan) peaches (loves them!) avocado (likes it) black beans (so so) and mozzarella cheese (likes it). I've started keeping better track of exactly what she eats for solid meals so watch for a post about our transition to finger foods!

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