Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Belated Birthday

My birthday was Monday, but the celebration was spread out over the weekend as well, hence the silence here on the blog. It was wonderful and I got to spend it with people I really care about, which I think its the best kind of gift. Hubby gave me the most wonderful gift in the world! He made me a swift! This is a terrible photo, but it was Monday night when I got it so the lighting was terrible.

The stain is beautiful and I've already wound 2 balls from it. If only I had this back in September!

I'm at 90% of my OWL with the end in sight! I hope to finish by this weekend, but definitely by the end of the month. Here are photos of the most recently finished mini socks:

I am still loving the mini socks, but will be glad to be knitting something else after I finish up the last three. Eventually I will add to this garland with more of the HP Sunshine colors as I get them, but I think once its done its going to be hung up and stay there until January, at least. 

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