Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My math skills fail me

So for the past week I've been thinking about how I was so far behind on my mini socks. I made myself a little schedule on my calendar of when I needed to finish each one in order to finish on time. Its been really helpful! However, the past few days I got very discouraged because I was about a week behind. Last night pretty much all I did was knit on mini socks and wind mini socks while watching knitting video casts (The Knit Girls and 90% Knitting) Today it was finally nice enough to get some decent pictures, so I was uploading to Ravelry when I made a discovery... I actually have 22 socks done, not the 20 I was thinking! This makes me only one day behind on my self imposed schedule, which I can totally catch up with.Without further adieu, here are the recently finished mini socks:

I also have finished a mittens ornament! The big deal about this is that is is crocheted, and if you know me at all you know that crochet and I have a love hate relationship. Mostly that I love to hate it when I can;t do it. Here are the mittens, which are on their way to California!

The last thing I have to show (I know, its very photo heavy today) is another crochet project. I have a small amount of mystery worsted-ish weight acrylic yarn that was given to me, so when the mood strikes me I make squares. Here's the second one (and it only took 2 tries!):

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