Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Looking at all the WIPs I have going I noticed that they are all very colorful, either due to variegated yarn or multiple solid yarns in one project. Its a little odd for me to have so many colorful projects going, but its kind of nice :)

First up- the blanket! I finished the sixth square thanks to a long car ride Sunday (its the black one at the bottom)
Only 4 more to go if I do the full size. I'm going to see how big it is after square 8- since I am using worsted weight yarn and size 8 needles its coming out a little bigger than the pattern measures, so I may not need the extra two squares.

Next up are my Hermione's Sunshine Socks! I am still loving these socks, but they haven't gotten much love since they are my take-along knitting. I'm not stressing; they will be finished before the weather gets too cold :)

My Spectra actually got a lot of love over the past few weeks. This has been my work knitting and, despite having to tink back a whole wedge the other night after I dropped an awkward stitch, I'm more than halfway done!
Its hard to see, but the JoJoland Melody yarn has long color changes that I'm really enjoying.

Last but not least, the new kid to the WIPs, my Swap Girly Mitts. These are going in the mail this week and I'm a little sad. Normally these wouldn't be my type of colors, but I am loving the yarn!
These are the Accidental Girly Mitts by craftyLis and I am liking how they are working up! My yarn is Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet dk in the Gems colorway (#59)

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