Monday, August 6, 2012

Slog slog slog

I feel like I am making no knitting progress, which isn't really true, but its hard to shake that feeling. I'm working on a lot of large/long-term projects right now, and I really just want to finish some stuff and cast on ALL THE THINGS. I thought if maybe I blogged about what I plan to cast on next it would help my castonitis urge :)

The very first thing I am going to cast on is the Accidental Girly Mitts. These will be for a swap package I need to get out by the end of the month, so they will go on as soon as the wedding shawl is done, probably by this weekend. I'll be using Plymouth Happy Feet dk in a purple and pink colorway. They should go pretty quick, which is perfect!

Next in my queue are the Mr. Pitt's socks, which I will be making for my husband. He is out of town right now, so its the perfect time to start on his Christmas gift! These will obviously be a long term project! I'm not sure how much hubby-free-time I will have to work on them, so I thought the earlier I started them the better. I'l be using Lang Yarns Jawoll in a black and gray colorway for these.

Lastly I leave you with a photo from yesterday. We had quite a storm pass through the area yesterday and I took this photo out my car window (I was parked at the time- you couldn't see the cars in front of you!)

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