Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Recap and Menu Monday

Hi Friends! This past weekend was jam packed with all kinds of stuff, and I actually remembered to take photos of some of it. Go me!

Friday night the hubs had signed us up for a fun night at the middle school he is student teaching at. We headed out early and decided we wanted to eat at a local restaurant, and after reviewing our choices we ended up at EBC in Fredonia, NY. Ellicottville Brewing Company is a micro brewery with their own line of beers and they also have two restaurants, one in Ellicottville and the one in Fredonia we went to Friday.

The food was great, and we got there pretty early so there was no wait! This restaurant is pretty neat- it has a rustic-yet-polished look. Here is a shot of the upstairs where we were seated:

The food really impressed me. We went a little out of our comfort zones and ordered the pork flautas for an appetizer. These babies were good! So good in fact that we ate most of them before I remembered to take a picture :)

The hubs wasn't a big fan of the salsa verde on top, but I loved it! I ended up ordering a salad with goat cheese, chicken, and dried cranberries:

Full disclosure- I ate about a third of the salad before remembering to take a photo, so I smoothed it back over the plate to look untouched ;) The hubs got a coffee rubbed steak and that was really good too!

I would highly recommend this place, so if you find yourself in Western NY look it up! After the school event we went to Point Gratiot and caught the sunset:

Saturday was a really random day. After taking care of some stuff in the morning we ended up running a few errands which included wandering into an antiques store and shopping around for a push mower. We didn't find a mower we liked, so our lawn still looks like a jungle. I'm going to have to borrow my parents lawn mower to mow it!

Sunday was mostly a work day on homework/lesson plans. We did go to a friends house to watch Django- the hubs has been waiting forever to see this! I do not recommend it if you don't like gory movies- it has some pretty unrealistic gun fights. However it was an interesting storyline. 

This week the menu is going to be pretty low key- its my last super busy week of school!

Monday- stuffed burritos
Tuesday- pack/eat out
Wednesday- not sure yet- wild card!
Thursday- polska kielbasa and potatoes
Friday- something quick! I might be going to a Stampin Up party

The hubs wont be around this weekend so I'm hoping to try one of my recipes I have saved that I know he wont like. I'll have to report back if I make one!


Jen Cragen said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend!

vampire_wolf said...

All your weekend food looked delicious!
What was on the pork dish?
What is a stampin up party?

Kim Nobles said...

The pork dish had a lettuce/slaw mix and the salsa verde on top. There may have also been cheese?

A stampin up party is like a tupperware-type party but for scrapbooking. Since I'm STILL trying to finish our wedding scrapbook I thought it would be fun to see if there were any cute extras I could pick up :)