Friday, April 29, 2011

Finished Object!

I love finishing a project and being able to share it! I cast off for my Traveling Woman shawl today. This was my first lace shawl, so I'm especially proud of it! Here's the picture of it unblocked:

Obviously it will look much better when it is blocked! Since this is my first time blocking lace I went ahead and ordered lace blocking wires from Knit Picks. Hopefully those arrive early next week so I have a few days to block before sending this off to its recipient.

I'm still plugging away on the back of the vest I'm making for my brother. It makes for good TV knitting, which brings me to...

A movie review! I mentioned in an earlier post that hubby and I recently got Netflix, and I have to tell you, we are really enjoying it. We just watched our first DVD from them, Charlie Wilson's War (Widescreen). I'll be honest, I fell asleep during a part or two, but this was due to me not getting enough sleep, not an effect from the movie itself. I actually thought the movie was pretty decent. I appreciated that it was more than a fluff movie and that it was based on historical events. Hubby was pretty interested in it as he just returned from a deployment to Afghanistan. I thought the actors did a good job in their roles, especially Julia Roberts. Then again, I like a lot of her movies, so I may be biased! I think I'd give it a solid B+. If you haven't checked this one out yet I would recommend renting it through Netflix, finding it at your local library, or buying it.

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