Thursday, April 21, 2011


It took some hard work, but I managed to get through all my yarns yesterday! This was a good thing, because even though I warned hubby that I was sorting and organizing my yarn, I don't think he understood the implication of that until he walked in the door. He was gracious though, and didn't complain as I finished weeding through and cataloging and organizing. (It probably helped that I was fixing dinner simultaneously!). I had already gone through my random acrylic stash a few days prior and tossed about two dozen skein in a box to donate. My goal here was all about the organization!

And now, if you would please, review how the yarn looked sprawled out on my living room couch (previous post).

I give you, my craft corner of the office!:

Here's a walk through. From left to right, top to bottom- the black and white case has all my notions,The box under that has the yarns I will be using for a project in May. The the drawers in the green cart are alpaca blends, dishcloth cotton, other cotton, yarns I have listed for sale, sock yarn, wool, and then kits and misc. The next stack is a box with all my unlabeled acrylic and scraps, then the drawers go Knit Picks Palette, Sunshine Yarns, and Sport and DK weight yarns. In the crate is all my labeled acrylic, under that is 2 boxes with a sweaters worth of yarn each, then is my little green organizer that holds most of my non-yarn crafts. Then its my basket with patterns bagged with yarns, another sweater's worth of yarn, and my sewing machine.

I know its not perfect, but this works for right now. Once we're done remodeling the kitchen I hope to get a nice cube organizer (or at least another cart) to sort everything into and eliminate some if not all the cardboard boxes. But it's functional and I can find everything, so I think we can call this a success!

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