Monday, April 25, 2011

Progress, for the sake of progress

I finally have some knitting progress! This is thanks to a few nights at home last week and being able to knit while hubby drives. First up is my Traveling Woman shawl. This is my first shawl, and I'm on the last section before the bindoff. I can't wait ti finish it off and block it! Here's where I'm at right now:
Its kind of hard to see the lace because it is bunched up on my needle, but I think it will be lovely when finished and blocked. This one is a gift, but I think one for me is coming soon!

Next is the vest for my brother, otherwise known as Danny's teaching vest. The title came about because my brother is going to school to be a teacher, and he thought this would be a good thing to wear with a dress shirt in the cooler weather when he is student teaching. His birthday is in June, so I'm hoping to finish by then. Here's my progress so far:
I had a few issues with this pattern. My gauge was a little small, but I felt like the fabric was already a little loose for my liking, so I didn't want to go up a needle size. What I ended up doing was going up a pattern size. I'm somewhere inbetween the two sizes now, and I think it will be ok because this is a seamed vest, so if its a little large I can just make the seams a bit bigger. Right? I'm almost feeling like I should also go down a needle size, but honestly I already had to rip out several inches when I discovered the gauge discrepancy and I don't want to do it again :)

Lastly, one of the biggest things that has happened in our house is that we got Netflix. We've always had internet wherever we lived because of doing schoolwork and such, and (partly for monetary reasons, partly for not wanting to waste all our free time) we've never gotten television service. We thought that Netflix was a good compromise. Hubby has several TV shows that he enjoys and this is a great way to catch some of those. We're enjoying our one month free trial right now. One of my favorite things about Netflix though is that is has Bones. Bones: Season Four (Body Bag Edition) is the season we are on right now. We own the first three seasons because it is our favorite show, but for right now we're just watching the fourth on Netflix. If you haven't checked this show out I highly recommend it!

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