Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What's on the needles?

Since this is an off month for the HPKCHC, my projects are a little more all over the place than they would normally be. Starting from oldest WIP to newest, I'm still working on the blanket for my husband. I started it at the beginning of January and its about 70% done right now. It ended up a lot wider than I originally planned on, so each row takes a LONG time! This picture is a little old, but just imagine it with another 10 inches or so!

Next is my Traveling Woman shawl. This will be a Mother's Day gift, so I need to finish it up in the next few weeks. Its my first lace shawl and after a big setback (ripping out the entire stockingette portion) I'm finally onto the last lace repeat. This is an old picture (updated ones to come soon!)
Lastly is the project I started this weekend, which is a vest for my brother. No pics yet, but its the Peter Easy pattern in Knit Picks Comfy. This will become my TV/traveling knitting as its pretty straightforward. Its also my first garment requiring seaming, so that will be interesting!

I have a few projects that are either ongoing or lingering between WIP and Hibernating status, but more about those later!

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