Monday, February 23, 2015

Menu and a (half) birthday!

This weekend was full of fun, even though winter seems like it will never end. Saturday the temps were above freezing (seriously, when did that become warm!?) so we packed up the baby and headed to buy a carseat. Carter still fits in her infant car seat, and probably will until she is about a year old, but Babies R Us was running a killer sale and we ended up saving over $100 on her convertible car seat. Score!

After our shopping trip we went to Wegmans for a late lunch. Carter was more interested in the paper...

Which she promptly tore 30 seconds after this photo. Sorry Wegmans! 

Sunday we did our usual church and work (for me) and then we had our small group over. We just started but I'm really enjoying getting together with this group!

Here are our eats for the week:

Sunday: Tacos with small group
Monday: taco leftovers
Tuesday: Fish, baked potatoes, and green beans
Wednesday: Cornbread chicken casserole (to use up the leftover cornbread!)
Thursday: Slow cooker broccoli cheese soup and cheesy italian quick bread
Friday: leftovers
Saturday: Shrimp quesadillas

As far as baking, I think I'll try these fudgy oatmeal chocolate chip cookie bars. They are calling to me! I might also make caramel apple pie bars as a pick me up for my dad who is having some minor surgery this week.

Lastly, photo overload! My baby girl is 6 months old today. I love this little ball of crazy so much, and everyday gets more fun! She sits on her own and eats everything we have put in front of her. No teeth and no crawling yet, but I don't think it will be long! Her favorite thing is the cat. Seriously! She loves him more than me or my husband. I'm pretty sure kitty will be her first word.

And a look at how she has changed!

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