Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekend and Menu

This weekend was a full one! Friday Carter and I joined our friends Sara and Maddie and had dinner at Wegmans and made a quick stop at Target. Honestly the weather has just been awful here, and we all just needed to get OUT! The hubs met up with us for dinner, and it was a fun little trip. It was also Carter's first time riding in a cart outside of her car seat. I think she needs to grow a bit more before she fits well ;)

Saturday I grabbed groceries and prepped lunches and cookies while the hubs took the baby to visit his parents.

We ended up going to the auto show in Buffalo with them later that day, and ate out at Outback. Did you guys know that Outback has click through seating online now? It adds you to the wait list so you don't have to wait as long once you get to the restaurant. You can also now pay at the table! Maybe its just been that long since we were last there, but we were surprised.

Sunday we did church, I went to work, then we had small group. Busy but good day! The hubs sent me this photo of Carter eating:

She loves her food!

Here's what our menu looks like this week:

Sunday: Pizza at small group
Monday: Pork loin and cheesy potato fries
Tuesday: Pizza and roasted broccoli
Wednesday: Egg Mushroom Kielbasa bake
Thursday: leftovers
Friday: Leftovers or order in!

Small group is at our house this weekend, so I think we will do make your own tacos and maybe cornbread? And of course I will bake something... Maybe some of our favorite cookes?

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