Monday, February 2, 2015

Super Weekend and Menu

We had a great weekend here! I love when you can go into the work week satisfied with your weekend and looking forward to the next. Saturday we celebrated the birthday of a friend of ours, and it was a great night! I didn't take any photos (of course) but my brother and his fiance were in town and they watched Carter for us. Carter loves them!

Sunday we went to church then we geared up for the Superbowl.

Carter was very busy!

We got together at my parents house and it ended up being the four of us (well, five with Carter!) My brother and Amy left earlier than planned due to the snow storm we got yesterday and today, so even though we were sad to see them go we knew it was better that they left ahead of the storm.

We don't normally let Carter watch TV, but she did get to watch a few minutes of the Superbowl!

This was our spread for the big game:

I contributed bean dip and chicken wing dip in a bread bowl. We came home with leftovers of both dips, pizza, and wings, so lots of leftovers! In fact, we also have leftovers from the meal my brother made while they were babysitting, so I don't have to cook for a few days!

Here's what our week will look like:

Sunday: Superbowl food
Monday: Chicken Alfredo leftovers
Tuesday: pizza and wings leftovers
Wednesday: Leftovers or soup
Thursday: Slow cooker General Tso's Chicken over rice with broccoli
Friday: homemade pizza

For baking this week, I'm thinking about trying these Apple Crisp Muffins to have for breakfasts. I'm learning I need something quick these days!

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