Friday, April 6, 2012

Still knitting

Even though I've been talking about books and food, I'm still knitting! In fact I'm really enjoying the freedom of not fitting things into classes or having large looming projects that have deadlines. Don't worry, I'm still signing up for the HPKCHC for May! By then I'll be craving the structure and inspiration :)

The main thing I've been working on is my shawl design. It now has a pattern page! The pattern isn't available yet; the pattern itself is done but I'm waiting on photos, which means I need to finish knitting it to take photos! It really doesn't take that long, and I've been trying to do at least one repeat a day (more on a day like today when I don't have to work).

The next thing I'm working on is a gift. The first of many in fact! This is a hat for some good friends who will be welcoming a new addition to their family this July. I started a simple hat out of some random mystery yarn I had in my stash.

This is a little more blue than its showing up in the photo, so I think it will be perfect since they don't know what they are having. This is the first baby item of many, so watch for more!

The last thing I'm working on (yes, last!) is a sock. This is a plain vanilla toe up sock done out of Knit Picks Felici in the Marsh colorway with size 1.5 needles.

This has been my take along knitting if we go in the car or out to dinner or whatever. The toe is a little narrower than I planned on, but I knit so stinkin tight that I had to go up to 80 stitches for my sock! Crazy. But at least its coming along and the toe fits ok when its on my foot.

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