Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I'd been hearing people talking about Pinterest and just let it fly over my head, like I usually do when new social media-type sites pop up. But when a close friend started using it and gushing about how much she liked it I decided I should try it out. I'm still pretty new to the site but I really like it so far. I'm mostly using it for recipe and house ideas, but I think the longer I'm on I'll find more things to pin. Some of the things are really simple, for example:

I think I found this under organization and it occurred to me- rolling bath towels! Such a neat idea. They look nicer and I don't think they will drag other towels out with them.

I've also found things like a weekly cleaning calendar (not that I delude myself that I will actually follow it!) cookie recipes, bookshelf ideas, cute outfits, etc. If you haven;t checked it out yet you can browse around before joining. Try it out!

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