Saturday, October 27, 2012

8100 Yards

That's how many yards I have knit or crochet this year! I am totally blown away by that, but then I remember the crazy blanket I knit this summer that was about a quarter of that total. My knitting has definitely slowed over the past month as school has demanded more of my attention, but I have still been working on a few things.

You may remember that last year there seemed to be a baby boom in my life- I think I knew about 7 people who had babies, and all but 1 were boys! They were all due between April and July too. Talk about crazy! There are a few stragglers, one due in November and one in January. Well, not I know a few more people due in April/May of next year! Its really exciting, and I want to be better prepared to shower these babies with hand knits. I've found that little baby knits have been good for my lessened knitting time, so you will probably be seeing a lot of baby items in the next few months!

Anyway, some recent finished items that have contributed to my 8100 yard total:

I'm working away on a few more baby things, some Christmas gifts, and one or two things for me :) I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving break- I shouldn't have a lot of school work to do so that's a whole week off for knitting!

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