Sunday, October 7, 2012

October Reads

Even though life has been pretty busy, I have been able to get a decent amount of reading in. Part of this is due to strategic use of audio books and ebooks, and part of it is due to books being assigned as reading for work or class. Either way, I'm not complaining!

Since I last blogged about my current reads, I have finished:


The Lost Hero was a partial re-read for me, I started it some time ago and never finished it, and wanted to get back to it. Great quick read! Rick Riordan has yet to disappoint.

Eragon was good as well. There was a while there that I felt it was slow toward the beginning, but by the end of the book I was totally invested. This was my audio listening in the car for the first few weeks of school and and certainly made my drives more enjoyable!

Decked was a re-read for me. I started reading Carol Higgins Clark's series years ago, and only got through the first book. I think it would be some good filler reading for me right now (aka fit in around other books I am reading) so I wanted to start back at the beginning.

Shrewd was interesting, but I would have to say it was my least favorite out of the bunch. I liked the premise of the book, but I felt that the author could have explained more of what he meant. The last few part of the book, called levers, were pretty good though, with some great stories in there.

Lastly I was assigned Hard Times as part of my Victorian Literature class, and I am so glad I read it! I'mm 99% sure this was my first time reading Charles Dickens, and I really enjoyed this book. I see more Dickens (and more Victorian Literature in general) in my future, both inside of class and out!

I'm pretty proud of my reading progress over the past month or so. I'm 2 books ahead of the goal I set several months ago when I first started using Goodreads, and I wont be surprised if I blow that goal out of the water by the end of the year.

I'm currently still reading Real Marriage, which I linked back in September so I wont do it again. This is the book hubby and I have been reading together, and most nights we are too tired or forget, so it has been slow reading. The other book I'm currently reading is

which is good so far, but I was borrowing the ebook from my library and had to return it before I finished (or even got very far, actually). I have it on hold again, so I'll just wait patiently until its mine again!

As I type this I am loading Eldest onto my computer to be put on my iPod for my audio listening, and I think I will be starting Snagged (#2 in Higgins Clark's series) soon as well. Yay for cooler weather and good books!

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