Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Menu Planning

Do you plan you meals ahead? I am not very good about this- every once in a while I see a recipe I want to try, and find a night of the week when I will actually have time to make it, but other than that I'm usually rushing around trying to figure out how to turn what I have in my fridge, pantry, and freezer into an edible meal in a reasonable amount of time. I think I want to try posting our menu for the week on the blog- it will force me to think ahead and keep me accountable :)

So this week looks like this:
Monday: Pork Tortilla Soup and bread done and delicious!
Tuesday: (Lefover) Pork stir fry
Wednesday: thinking about trying Fiesta Meatloaf, maybe with some green beans
Thursday: you're on your own!
Friday: Might have the in-laws over? Creamy Artichoke lasagna and... something. Maybe roasted root vegetables?

The nice part is I have almost everything for dinner for tonight (Tuesday) and Wednesday. Thursdays are often no plan nights as we both get home late and eat whatever we find quickest ;)

What are some of your favorite recipes? Any great make ahead ones? I have been toying with the idea of either dedicating a Saturday to making a few meals or making double batches and freezing one.

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