Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wrapping Up

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas (or whatever you celebrate this time of year). Our was nice and low key, but it seemed to be kind of uneventful. The hubs and I were just saying it was hard to believe Christmas was over, because we really didn't have anything big or exciting happen. Oh well. 2012 has been kind of a blah year over all, and I for one am ready to move into 2013!

Here are a couple photos to show some of the things we have been up to:

It just so happened that my last day of school was December 21st, which is also my mom's birthday. We planned to drive to school, drop off my finals, do a bit of grocery and Christmas shopping, and have lunch. This picture is of the Upper Crust, a cute little bakery/coffee house in downtown Fredonia, NY. This was mom's choice for lunch, and they serve up some monstrous sandwiches! Little did she know that this wasn't her real birthday celebration- we got 10 of her closest friends together and surprised her with a little party. It was so much fun!

Working away on finals until the 21st didn't leave a whole lot of time for Christmas decorating, but we did manage to get a tree, put it up with minimal decorations, and put up a few other small things. The one thing we could NOT forget was Diesel's sweater.
Our dog is odd- he LOVES wearing sweaters. We have a hard time finding sweaters that will fit him though. He has a really broad chest for his size, so they are always really tight there and big everywhere else. One of my goals for 2013 is to knit him a sweater that fits :)

Speaking of our tree, I haven't gotten a picture of it all decorated (which this year was lights only) but here is a shot of it after we got it into the house.

It was a really nicely shaped tree, and we have such a large living room that we usually get pretty big trees :) If I think of it I will try to post a picture of it with the lights on :)

I finished off a few projects in between everything else going on. I was asked by a friend and her mom if I would knit a shawl for them to give to their grandma/mom for Christmas. I was a little nervous, as this was a big lace shawl, but it ended up going pretty well. The only issue I ran into was that the pattern and the key weren;t very clearly written, but then again I'm not an experienced lace knitting, so it may have just been me.
This used about 700 yards of yarn and blocked to over 5 feet wide! I hope they like the result and the recipient gets lost of use out of it.

The last thing I finished was a hat for the hubs. I planned on finishing this shawl a day earlier than I did, so the last minute hat I had planned to give to hubs for Christmas didn't get finished until later Christmas day. He didn't mind though, and it turned out great.

This is not a great photo, but the hat is really cool. I did a provisional cast on with a seamless turned hem to make the bottom of the hat two layers. This should make it really warm around his ears. Then it was some stripes and my usual decrease for the top. I thought about writing up the pattern, but its really nothing special. Maybe I'll write it up as a free pattern. We'll see ;)

I hope to be back to a more regular blogging schedule and might try to do regular days like Friday Pinterest finds or something like that. Until then- enjoy the rest of 2012!

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