Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Cure for the Common Cold... aka Pinterest Finds

I managed to catch a cold at the beginning of the weekend, and since yesterday was busy and I didn't really have time not to be busy, today is all about getting rid of this thing :) On the agenda: water, tissues, tea, Podcasts, Harry Potter, and whatever food that sounds appealing and doesn't take long to make. Also? Pinterest :)

Egg Benedict Bake- I think this would be great for a brunch with friends!

I really want to do some sort of cute printable gift tags this year.

I've never heard of pudding cookies, but these look good!

Mmmmm. Still on the look out for good pumpkin recipes :)

Love this idea!

Mmmm these appeal to my cold-stuffed self right now. I have some of the stuff, perhaps the hubs will go shopping for me???

And two funny ones to finish off the post:
We don't have any stuffed heads on our walls, but I feel like if we did, the cat would be ALL over this!

This sorta sums up my attitude toward school right now :)

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