Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Work Weekend and Our Weekly Menu

This weekend I had a work meeting Saturday morning, and I had my usual shift on Sunday, so it wasn't our usual relaxing or fun weekend, but it wasn't bad either. Saturday evening we hung out at the house, and after the baby went to bed we tackled our bedroom. We hadn't cleaned in there much more than putting away clothes in a few months (I know!), and it was a good thing we did! Sunday morning I stretched my arms over my head and hit the ceiling fan (neither the hubs or I thought I was even tall enough to do that!?) and the fan threw my hand into the glass bulb over the light, and it hit the floor and shattered. It wasn't hard to clean up because the floor was clean, and surprisingly my hand was ok. Crazy!

Sunday was pretty uneventful, the usual church and work for me. We did go our to breakfast with friends, and another friend made and gifted us the cutest painting for Carter! I will have to share it soon. This morning was the first morning that I brought Carter to my mom's house rather than mom coming over to watch her, and it went pretty well! We ended up with time to spare, so we had a little dance party. Baby girl loves her music!

Please excuse the fuzzy photo. I took this with the front camera on my iPhone and this sucker needs to be upgraded! But I just love her smile :)

Here's our eating plan for the week:

Sunday: Greek takeout
Monday: Grilled pork chops and corn (made by the hubs!)
Tuesday: Beef and a side (hubs meal)
Wednesday: Baked Spaghetti and green beans
Thursday: leftovers
Friday: Breakfast for dinner!
Saturday: celebrating my friend's birthday! We will be eating out at Famous Dave's :)

I will also be making a special dessert on Thursday for my friend's birthday. I'll have to share what I make after the weekend because I don't want to spoil the surprise!

For lunches we have been rocking the mason jar salads. Last week I made them all up on Sunday, but this week I wasn't quite so organized and ended up doing them the night before. Sometime soon I will have to write a post about our favorite mason jar salads!

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