Friday, January 6, 2012

Crazy Train

The out of town-ers are almost all gone, the new HPKCHC term has begun, and my normal work schedule has resumed. I've got a plan, and its a little crazy. I wasn't kidding when I said I wanted to knit all the things! You'll see two new projects over on the bar- the Christmas stockings are my OWL for this term and the Darkside is a cowl for Amy (my brother's girlfriend).  The stockings are going along well, I've already been approved and have worked on them some. I really enjoy colorwork, and even though this is the biggest colorwork project I've done I'm optimistic and and excited. The cowl is going really well too. I'm hoping to have that and my brother's vest, which is also coming along (slowly) ready to send in the mail for the middle of next week.

What else do I have planned? Well, I have a spreadsheet :) The plan right now is to make one hat, finish designing and making another hat, a pair of socks, some fingerless mitts, a baby hat, an maybe another design thrown in there for good measure. I'm also planning a shawl for my Order Mission (takes about 2 months, between a class and an OWL) but I'm having yarn issues right now.

Can I get all this done on top of grading duties? We'll see!


sanguin_serafin said...

WOW, you ARE crazy...The worst that I did was the one cowl I showed you and then a scarf/neckwarmer and fingerless mitts. Oh, and the shawl that I was working on...I got the scarf done in time to give it to my friend before she left, then I finished the shawl before Christmas. The neckwarmer thingy I got done ON CHRISTMAS EVE for the next day...At the house I was staying at...You'd be proud of me...I now carry knitting around with me... The fingerless mitts I finished while my parents were here...Now I have DPNs bc you cannot find them here...Now I have to study (read two books and watch like 10 movies in Italian) and get a scarf done before the 15th...I also have another scarf/cowl to work on... *sigh* I think I'm crazy too

Kim said...

The crazy- it must run in the family :)