Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

Which is good, because I haven't blogged in a while and there's been a lot going on! First, I finally finished my shawl and got some decent photos of it. Here's a teaser:

I'm pretty happy with it, though I did need to get some help from the photographer in the family (thanks mom!) I spent the first half of the day over at my parents and my brother and I made brunch as part of our Mother's Day gift to mom. Later in the day we went to my In-law's and my Grandma-in-law's. All in all it was a good day, but long!

The week itself was busy- it was one of those weeks where you have little errands or paper work or mini trips almost every night of the week, so by the time the weekend rolled around (which I knew was going to be busy) I was just waiting until this week so we could have a break! Don't get me wrong, most of the stuff was fun (except for filling out the FAFSA and other school paperwork) but it kept us so busy that we had no time for ourselves, us as a couple, or to get chores done around the house.

Saturday morning started with replacing our living room windows. They were original to the house, so they were somewhere around 40 years old and needed to go. Most of them didn't even open, and since they were encasement windows we couldn't put an air conditioner in there. Here's a photo after we had gotten the first set of windows out:

As you may be able to tell from the photo, these were HUGE windows. That's the hubs you see bending over the opening, and he's almost 6 foot tall, for comparison. I worked with him until lunchtime, then I hopped in the shower and went shopping with a friend to get stuff for a birthday party that night and a baby shower the next day. 

The birthday party was a small girls night, with just three of us making yummy food and tye-dyeing some tank tops. The birthday girl had said she didn't want any gifts, but I made her a small stuffed kitty since she is a big cat person.

This was my first stuffed toy I had ever knit, and it turned out a little wonky but otherwise I was happy with it. She was too! After that we went back to our house for a small fire to try and use up some of the wood we have. It wasn't a super late night, but it had been a PACKED day, so I fell asleep right away and slept like the dead.

Sunday after church I ran home to bake cookies for the baby shower and finish knitting my gift (I know, I'm a terrible procrastinator!) As soon as I was finished I went down to the church and helped set up. It went really well! My friend we were having the shower for was going with a jungle/monkey theme, which was super fun. Here's a shot of part of the room:

They got a ton of great stuff they needed and we had a blast hanging out with everyone, so it was a great success! After I got home I changed into some comfy summer clothes (it was 80!) and headed up to a friends house for some 4 wheeling/dirt bike riding, pool deck lounging, and general hanging out. After we had dinner and sat by a fire for a while we dragged ourselves home and went to bed.

Now do you see why I've been so busy? Am I forgiven for not blogging? :)

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