Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rating Recipes

Since our weekly schedule has changed, sometimes dinners are a little more inventive than in the past. There are some nights that we wait until 8pm to eat because one or both of us is working or at school until then. Fridays have become more of a free day, resulting in breakfasts being more than a hurried bowl of cereal or a takeaway breakfast. Half of the week I am able to go home for lunch, but the other half I either eat while driving (bad, I know) or I wait until between my classes, by which time I am STARVING.

As you can see, I don't have time to inventory my kitchen and then plan what to make before making it. If I'm cooking at 8pm I better know what I am making, have everything on hand, and maybe even have done some prep work (this has yet to actually happen!)

This week was a little off; we weren't home some nights we normally are, and I didn't get a change to grocery shop before yesterday, so our meals were very creative. Last night we tried a new recipe, hot crab dip, from I wasn't feeling making a big meal and really just wanted snacky food stuff, so this fit the bill! Plus we have leftovers, which I love. I forgot to snap a pic, but here is the one from kraft foods.

We ate ours with crackers, but this would be great spread on bread or with veggies. I think we would give it a 4 out of 5, only because I feel like it was missing something, maybe more crab? I skipped on the green onions because the Mr is not a fan, but I think if I were making it for myself I would add them.

Tonight I am trying another recipe, three cheese chicken penne pasta bake. I'm hoping this will be a healthier version of the Applebee's version, which I love. Report coming up!

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