Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sweater Weather

Here in WNY the air has a cool, crisp feel to it. We went from a very nice warm summer to quickly dropping temperatures. There have been a few nights where it has gotten down in the 40s already!

I mentioned back in this post that I was making an Abalone sweater. Now that the wedding blanket is done, I can really focus on this! I'm knitting the sweater out of Malabrigo Rios, and I can't tell you enough how lovely this yarn is to work with. Its soft, squishy, and superwash, so I wont have to worry about it making its way into the laundry hamper. I chose the Pearl 10 colorway, which has lovely variegated grays with a slight purple tint. Here's a photo of my progress:

Its a little hard to see because of the curling stockinette, but the middle is longer than the sides, creating a nice sloped bottom. I have just over 10 inches here, and I'm aiming for around 18 inches before I split for the armholes. I still have three balls of yarn, and since the sleeves are quite short I'm pretty sure I'll have enough.

I also just wanted to mention that I had a teaser up last month about a new pattern. I haven't forgotten about it, but with starting school and having weekend plans the past few weeks I haven't had time to move on to actually knitting the pattern. Hopefully soon I'll have a test knit done and be looking for test knitters!

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