Monday, September 3, 2012


Even though I didn't sort for the current term at HPKCHC, I am still playing along as an SoS student. This means I'm not earning points for a house, and therefore while I don't NEED to turn in classes or do an Order Mission or an OWL, I can keep up with classes to better my sorting priority for next term. I also decided to do an OWL (with the help of some friends!) out of items I already had in my queue. Here is my lineup for my Divination OWL:

 First up is the Abalone sweater. I love the look of this and I think it would work really well with my wardrobe. The Stockinette Zombies are doing a knit-along for this pattern in September and October, which works out really well for me! You should check out the knit-along in their group. I am using Malabrigo Rios in the Pearl 10 colorway. Here's a shot of my yarn, needle, swatch, and pattern.

The color isn't quite true in this photo, but its shades of medium to dark grays. I'm super excited to cast on this sweater! I'm hoping to finish it before Rhinebeck so I can wear it then.

Next is the Daybreak Shawl. This has been in my favorites for a year and a half! I'm glad I finally found the perfect yarns for this shawl; I'm using Malabrigo Sock in the Impressionist Sky and Turner colorways. Here's a shot of my materials for this.

I'm also planning to knit the Easy Fingerless Mitts in some yarn I was gifted a little while ago. I'm planning to use Mirasol Yarns Sulka in a skein or purple and a skein of brown. I'm hoping to use up every last bit of this yarn (cause there isn't much in the skeins) so I will be striping these fingerless mitts. I haven't swatched/started these mitts yet, but hopefully that will happen this afternoon.

Lastly I want to make the Boogie Earbuds. This is a knitted tube around your headphone cord to keep them from being tangled and give them a cool look :) I'm using some leftover Cascade Heritage Paints in Londonberry. I'm not really sure how to swatch for this pattern, so maybe I just need to fo an inch or so of the pattern?

As you can see I have quite the variety of items planned. Worsted weight, fingering weight, bulky weight, sweater, shawl, accessories, stripes, variegated yarn, and tonal. Should be a good time! Now if only I could finish that darn Moderne Log Cabin blanket so I can get cranking on these!

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