Monday, February 18, 2013

Menu for an Unusual Week

This week deviates from our schedule that has been going on for about a month now. The hubs doesn't have to student teach because the school is on winter break. This means we can sleep in an extra half hour, yay! I don't have to work my second job today because it is President's Day. The hubs leaves Thursday for a few days, so meals will look a little different. In a way it's kind of nice (especially the extra sleep!) but part of me thinks it might be easier to just continue with "business as usual." Oh well, such as life!

This weekend wasn't really exciting, but I do have a few photos. Diesel was quite the cuddle bug, and even when we were working on stuff and didn't want him laying on top of us, he got as close as he could!

I worked Saturday, and Saturday mornings are usually pretty slow, so I got in some reading and knitting time.

The rest of the weekend was more homework, a little bit of house work, family time, and some TV/knitting. Neither the hubs or I had much motivation to do anything crazy, which worked out just fine since it was a low key sort of weekend. We did have dinner with some friends Saturday night (which was delicious!) but I forgot to take any photos. Oh well!

Anyway, this week's menu will probably go something like this:

Monday: Pasta with polska kielbasa and broccoli (this looks a little familiar because I had it down for last Friday, but it never happened!)
Tuesday: Quesadillas or take out? (something quick!)
Wednesday: Family meal with my parents, brother, and his girlfriend. I'll be contributing the fresh stuff for salads and a batch of the Peanut Butter Pretzel m&M cookies I mentioned last week.
Thursday: My first night as a bachelorette! I'm thinking a big salad with avocado, tomato, cottage cheese and lots of other yummy stuff.
Friday: I'm thinking appetizer like foods- maybe leftover veggies, whipped feta, and crackers?

The weekend is up in the air as far as meals- since the hubs will be out of town I might eat lots of healthy stuff, some really weird thrown together meals, or be eating with friends or family. I'll have to report back on what happens. This has shown me how much more I need to use my "things to try when the hubs isn't home" board on Pinterest! There wasn't much in there, and it took me a while to try and come up with some ideas. Sad!

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