Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I'm liking how blogging on MWF is working out- enough posts that I don't feel like I'm never blogging anymore, but not so many that I have nothing to share. Before I get to the knitting, I have a few random photos, mostly from school.


Waiting for my first class to start- it was actually sunny outside!


Knitting on my scarf.

We also had a change to our weekly menu- last night I planned to make the foil pack chicken, but by the time we got home (8:45pm) neither of us were that hungry, so we just grabbed some snacks. I'll make that foil pack chicken tonight and probably just move everything back a day, which is fine since I don't normally plan weekend meals and we will probably be home. Monday I made the stir fry with stuff we already had in the fridge, and it was pretty good! Nothing stellar, but not bad for a quick meal thrown together at 8pm.
I know its hard to tell because this isn't a great photo, but its rice with broccoli, mushrooms, and polska kielbasa with a little soy sauce. Quick and satisfying!

Onto the knitting! I've really only knit on two of my WIPs this week. I realized that the KAL in the Sunshine Yarns group comes to an end next Thursday, so I made my scarf my main focus. I switched it to circular needles to make it more portable and, as you see above, I took it with me to school for my early morning down time before class.

I'm really happy with the progress since giving it more love- I think it is doable to finish this in another week. The colors are a bit more blue here than they really are (the other photo above is more accurate), but you can tell that the colors are fabulous. It's about half done now, and I can't wait to finish and block this so I can wear it! I think it would be great with a black top or sweater.

The other project I have worked on is the lap blanket. I think I have used all the colors twice now, and it's about 25-30% finished.

I hope the recipient likes it!

As far as what I have been reading, my liesure reading has come to a slow crawl. Here is a stack of most of my school books with the Nook on top, which has a few more on it.

So far none of the reading is too boring, but it is A LOT of reading. I'm hoping to get some non-school reading time in this weekend, but I've resigned myself to not getting much done before May. Just the way things go I guess!

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Anonymous said...

Very nice, love that lap blanket.

Kim Nobles said...

Thank you! I wouldn't have picked those colors if it were for me, but I really like how they go together :)