Saturday, November 24, 2012

Birthday Week Recap

Well, birthday week is coming to a close. Almost all my Pinterest recipes have been made now and most were a success! The Butternut Squash mac and cheese was good, but I think I was a little light in the butternut squash. The hubs didn't really appreciate the onions either. He didn't notice them too much the first night we had them, but apparently eating leftovers reheated made them more noticeable. Darn, I'll just have to finish the pan myself ;)

Yesterday we tried the Buffalo Chicken rolls and the hasselback potatoes. The potatoes were good, but we were not big fans of the rolls! Its weird, we both like that buffalo chicken flavor, but the hubs was not a fan of the broccoli slaw in there, and we both thought the blue cheese overpowered everything else (even the hot sauce!), though I didn't add much to each roll. I still have some of the chicken mixture and wrappers left, so I may try just the chicken in there. We'll see :)

Our Thanksgiving day was great- very relaxed, and only one meal to go to since my in-laws went to my parents house for dinner. I love that our families are close enough to do that :)

I've also been knitting a lot during my break! I finished the hat I was working on:
And I think my brother will love it!

I also started a new project:
A baby sweater for my friend's baby for Christmas. He is my little buddy and I think these colors will look great on him! I'm actually quite a bit further along than this now, as this has gotten most of my attention over the past day or two.

After I finish the sweater I am going to focus on my Daybreak shawl, since it is more than half done and I wil be taking on a commission shawl to knit for a friend's grandmother for Christmas. I figure, I'm almost done with my Christmas knitting, so I thought I would help them out. Also I really want to finish the Daybreak so that I can keep my WIP count around three. I think that is really the best number for me, so I want to try it for a while.

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