Thursday, November 15, 2012

Where I Have a Spinning Fail

Spinning progress is hard to show on my spindle, so usually I wait until I have some finished yarn, and even then I wait until I have a few to soak and thwack before photographing. When I first borrowed a spindle to learn how to spin I bought some teal Corriedale wool to practice on. I wanted to finish that up before moving onto something else, so whenever I spun (which, admittedly, hasn't been often) I worked on that. I did take a break between spinning the singles and plying to work on one of the little fiber balls I got from Cris at Into the Whirled. I had all sorts of problem plying, but after a few tangles and deciding that the fiber really wanted to be a two ply and not a three ply, I was away. It was going well until both of the singles broke. Thankfully it was a pretty clean break, so I just started plying again and would the first bit off on its own.

That white bit at the bottom is the tie. Overall this yarn came out super springy and squishy, however its not a very soft yarn. I still have to measure, but there is enough to do some stripes or a small project.

The rest of this fiber, however, did not turn out so pretty. Apparently I have a hard time remembering which way I should be spinning, and even though halfway through I thought it looked a little funny, and I kept checking to make sure I was spinning opposite my singles, this happened.

The top is the first part after it broke, but toward the bottom you can see how it looks like... well, poop. That my friends is what happens when you ply the wrong way. I'm trying to take this as a learning experience, but it will stink to have to cut it. I'll just add the top section to the rest of it. No biggie.

I also did my first chain plying! (Excuse the really fluffy end and the gray ties)

I think this came out pretty good for my first time. It took a few loops before I had the hang of it, but now I think I will try to chain ply all my little sample balls from ITW.

2 out of 3 isn't too bad, right!?

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