Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Braves Hat

The knitting hasn't been what I had hoped since I finally turned in my paper last week. There is one project that has gotten a lot of love, however. It is a Christmas gift for my brother, the eternal wearer of the Atlanta Braves baseball cap. This guy wears this thing everywhere. He has had several of them, as they are retired or lost they NEED to be replaced. I decided this year he needed a winter version, and took it upon myself to make it up and knit it for him. Here's my progress so far:

Don't mind the random on-the-lap picture :)

The other project that has gotten some love is my socks:

I think I have another inch or two before I can start decreasing. These only really get worked on when I am out and about, so they're going slow.

Last night we had the Barbecue Grilled Cheese that I posted about yesterday, and it was a success! The hubs and I both liked it, with some mods for taste preferences :) The hubs had a more plain sandwich, but mine was loaded with the good stuff.

Mmmm. And here's a shot of it cut so you can really see what is inside:

Mine had guacamole (because all the avocados in the store were gross looking), bacon, colby jack cheese, tomato, green onion, and barbecue sauce. I'm not sure this is something we will go out of our way to make again, but it was a nice change up from the usual, and it is a good reminder to change up some more ordinary recipes :)

Lastly, my brother-in-law just launched a Kickstarter campaign, which you can find here. His story is really good, so if you like Sci-Fy/Supernatural stuff at all, go check it out!

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