Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Menu Planning

This week's menu planning looks a little different because not only is it Thanksgiving this Thursday, its also Birthday week! My birthday falls the day before Thanksgiving this year (always fun) so I pretty much take over the week to make whatever I want, regardless of budget or taste preferences of anyone else who might be eating with me (namely the hubs. sorry!) So far no one has complained, and this is one of my favorite ways to celebrate my birthday. 

The plan:
Monday: skip breakfast, make stove top for lunch (what!? yes, this happened) and make Barbecue style grilled cheese for dinner
I'm really looking forward to the salty crunch of the bacon, the sweet juiciness from the tomatoes, and the creaminess of the avocado. Oh, and cheese. Yeah :)

I also think I need to make more of these,
which are peanut butter chocolate chip cookies with sea salt, because they are the best cookies I have eaten since the last batch of cookies I made, and the ones from yesterday are disappearing at an alarming rate.

Tuesday: Breakfast and lunch will probably be boring, and to be honest I'm not sure what we are going to do for dinner. I might try to put this together in steps throughout the day so that when we both get home around 8pm we can dive into cheesy goodness.
This is butternut squash mac and cheese with bacon. Sounds good, but we shall see!

Wednesday: BIRTHDAY DAY!
Of course having the day off will result in lots of yummy food, as well as plenty of knitting, relaxing, and maybe even a Harry Potter marathon. 
Breakfast shall consist of this

Lunch will probably be leftovers (or the actual making of) the butternut squash mac and cheese. YUM

Dinner will be eaten out at a location yet to be determined, and shall be accompanied by a movie of my choosing. 

Thursday: TURKEY DAY!
This year the hub's parents are coming to my parent's house for dinner, so we only have to attend one dinner, which is great. Most years we do both, which just makes for a rushed (and filling) Thanksgiving. I'm contributing the desserts for the occasion, and on the dockett is lemon bars and apple crumble. We will probably eat leftover breakfast casserole, then snack on Turkey day food all day long at my parents.

Friday: I plan to stay as far away as possible from any retail locations, so it will probably be a quiet day at home. The hubs and I discussed putting up Christmas decorations outside as we are still having decent weather, especially for November! And nothing goes with Christmas decorating like Buffalo chicken roll-ups for lunch :)

Dinner will probably be some cut of pork from the freezer and this neat little potato recipe I found today:
I might change up the flavors a little, but I love this idea!

There's my menu planning for the week, Birthday and Thanksgiving edition. Watch for a knitting progress post; with all this relaxing time I hope to get a lot done!

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