Monday, March 4, 2013

March Monday Menu!

I'm happy to report that the cold I had last week is 95% gone, leaving me to write corny post titles like this one :) I was still a little under the weather over the weekend, so I wasn't as productive as I could have been, but it was still good! The hubs and I stumbled across our photos from our trip to London and Dublin last summer, and spent some time reminiscing. It will be a few years before we go on another big trip like that, so for now we will look at the photos longingly :)

Anyway-  we need a menu!

Monday: Leftover Buffalo Chicken Pizza Sticks
Tuesday: JalapeƱo and cheddar sausage with baked potatoes
Wednesday: Our anniversary! I'm thinking we are going to eat out :)
Thursday: Meatball subs and roasted asparagus
Friday: solo meal! Either something quick or dinner out :)
Saturday: Solo meals all day! I think I'll make Crockpot French Onion Soup to have on hand to eat during the weekend. I also want to make an avocado bacon grilled cheese sandwich, maybe this is lunch?
Sunday: I'll probably make a wrap out of leftover veggies for lunch, and dinner with the hubs will be subs and wings!

I also plan on baking some cherry pie bars this weekend. I meant to make these last weekend, but the pan I needed was at my parents house and I didn't get over there to pick it up until Sunday. I also might bake a new recipe- not sure yet, but my sweet tooth has been in full force!

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