Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I feel like this week hasn't been a good one for knitting progress, but I have an FO and two works in progress to show so it couldn't have been too bad!

This is my finished object for this week, another bib! I am loving making these little guys, and I think they are my new go-to baby shower gift :)

I only worked on 2 WIPs this week. One was yet another baby bib.

The other is the blanket I have been making for my friend's mom. Its just about done! A few more stripes and a border to go.

I think I have determined that 2-3 projects on the needles is a good number for me. I don't think I could ever be a monogamous knitter because I need to switch back and forth (sometimes several times a day!) between projects to keep my interest level up. Any more than four projects makes me feel crazy though. Only took me five years of knitting to figure this out!

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Becca Huben said...

I posted about multiple projects today too! I don't mind having multiple WIPS, but I notice it does slow down my finishing rate :) I really like your blanket!

Kim Nobles said...

Thank you!